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Adult Instruction Programs


Player Development Philosophies

  • Golf skills are not taught. They are learned. A coach facilitates the process of learning and students must participate as much as possible.
  • Instructional programs should be fun, informative and safe.
  • There is no single, correct method of teaching.
  • There is no single, correct method of learning.
  • All people are unique and learn at different rates.
  • Mistakes are a great way to learn. Without them, there is no obvious learning.
  • The learning process is significantly enhanced through effective use of drills, training aids and video.
  • The best players in the world do not consider swing mechanics when they are on the golf course. They merely follow their pre-established routines and react to their desired targets.
  • Golf is the greatest game ever invented!

Private Golf Instruction Programs

Private golf lessons are 45 minutes in duration and are exclusively facilitated and delivered by trained Canadian PGA Professionals.

We can fit any lesson package to you.

  • Private Lessons
    • 1 Learning Session:$70
    • 4 Learning Sessions: $225
  • Semi-Private Group Golf Lessons:
    • 2 Students - $45 per student
    • 3 Students - $40 per student
    • 4 Students - $35 per student


 $99.00 (excluding taxes)

There is a misconception that a playing lesson is simply going out for a game with a Professional. The fact is – the coach doesn’t actually play at all. Instead, the coach accompanies the student to several different places on the course and facilitates challenging scenarios – offering multiple opportunities to overcome fear and indecision. Along the way, there are (by virtue of the environment) supplemental and valuable learning opportunities encompassing rules, etiquette, decision-making and club selection. The practice range is felt by many to be a somewhat ‘clinical’ environment. And, while it is a great place to perform the necessary repetitions for making changes in a golfer’s motor pattern, the golf course is where trepidation is more likely exposed. An on-course playing lesson is an opportunity for a qualified coach to facilitate more practical learning and to help players find new confidence in situations where doubt is often the single biggest reason for making poor swings. The very best place to learn is on the course. 


 $59.99 (excluding taxes)

 "Correctly fitted equipment is a critical factor in a golfer’s performance and development."
Henry Brunton, B.P.E., C.P.G.A., Canadian National Golf Coach

If you don’t know your personal equipment specification, you may be robbing yourself of optimal results from well-executed swings. We can help you determine key factors such as lie angle, shaft flex, shaft length & composition and grip size. With the aid of a state-of-the-art club fitting unit, we can provide you with ''portable'' specifications, which you can take with you to wherever you wish to purchase your new clubs. If you elect to buy your clubs in our Pro Shop, we will deduct the cost of the fitting session ($50) from the price of any set of irons over $600. Virtually all brands and manufacturers of current clubs can be ordered to measure. And, if you are happy with your present clubs, we can alter the specifications (if necessary) so they are ideal for you.

"Touring pros play fitted clubs - no matter which brand sponsors them. They know the surest way to wreck a grooved swing is to play poorly fitted clubs. A poorly fitted club will punish a good swing with a bad shot. Properly fitted clubs reward good swings with good shots. Fitted clubs help you swing better – it’s as simple as that, whether you’re an amateur or a pro."

-Peter Jacobsen, PGA Tour Player

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