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Give Golf A Try - An Introduction to Golf in Ottawa

Have you ever dabbled in the game in the past or thought about playing but never quite got around to it, perhaps because you thought it was too late to learn? Think again, your senior years can be the very best time to enjoy the game! There are almost too many reasons to list for taking up this game, but here are a few to consider.

Age is not a barrier: You are never too old to learn golf and it doesn’t matter what shape or size you are either. Golfers, even professional golfers come in every shape and size imaginable.

You’ll Stay Healthier: Golf help keeps you physically active and you’ll burn an average of 2000 calories while walking an 18 hole round of golf, 1300 if you ride in a cart.

Offers Physical Fitness and Exercise: Along with the amount of walking involved, the golf swing in itself is great for providing a full-body workout. Each full swing exercises arms, legs, back and abdomen, with numerous repetitions over the course of a round. For seniors especially, improving core strength is a key component to maintaining balance and stability.

Golf Keeps You Mentally Active: Golf is not just a physical game but a mental one as well. It calls for strategy, creativity and problem-solving, all of which help keep your brain active, one of the key ingredients in fighting off the aging process.

Low Impact and Great Recreational Value: Golf is a "low-impact" sport. As a result, joints are not subject to the stresses and strains of more energetic activities like tennis and running, which can lead to long-term joint damage. Golf is really a great value when compared to many of these other activities.

Bridging the Generation Gap: You can play with your son or daughter, grandchildren or whomever you meet on the first tee. Golfers don’t care how young or old you are just that you enjoy the game! There are many formats of play that can make the game fun and competitive for all ages and skill levels.

Improves Your Social Life: Golf on and off the course is a very social game. It’s a great way to share time with your spouse or partner, make new friends or start a new relationship quickly and easily.

The Enjoyment of the Great Outdoors: The birds, the bees, the flowers and the breeze. The views, the wildlife and the smell of fresh cut grass, just a few of the simple pleasures you will enjoy each and every time you play.

The New Ending Challenge of the Game: With golf, every day is a fresh start on your never-ending challenge to shoot a lower score, par a specific hole or hit a certain type of shot well. The exhilaration you’ll experience when these happen will keep you coming back for more.

Easy to get started: Low-cost beginner activities from introduction sessions to group clinics start at $20. Equipment is provided so just book and turn up on the day in comfortable clothing.