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Members Only

2023 Members’ Information Package

Important Notes about the Calendar: 

  • Red Items are Deadlines. This means matches and sign ups MUST be complete by this date. 
  • Black Items are Member Exclusive Events not open to Public.
  • Blue Items are Events open to Members and Public.

The Deadline to sign up for member events is 9am 2 days prior to the event date (unless otherwise specified). Our preference is to have all participants signed up 1 week in advance to help us better utilize the tee-sheet. 

Click Here for help on how to sign up for events. 

Any questions, please contact our Events Department at events@canadiangolfclub.com or our Proshop at 613-253-3290 x 228


A wide variety of golf events (both fun and competitive) have become fixtures at the Canadian Golf and Country Club.  These events are open to all members, including restricted members and Juniors.  They are generally designed to accommodate all skill levels from the beginner to the more accomplished among us. The following information provides a brief overview of these events and you are encouraged to consult your Member’s Calendar above for dates and times.  Sign-Up forms are available well in advance of the events and can be found on the event calendar.

In addition to our Club events, there are also a wide variety of competitive and fun events (invitational tournaments, mixed events etc...) taking place at other clubs around the city and the region that might be of interest to you. Notices are posted in the locker rooms, on the notice boards outside the locker rooms and on the website, so be sure to check these out from time to time and sign up early.

Golf Leagues

Ladies League: Ladies League runs every Tuesday evening from 2:00pm—6:00pm on the East with tee-times are based on a first come first serve basis, as well as 3:00pm-6:00pm on the West. A league membership is required and can be purchased at a discounted member rate. The league is a non-competitive league which consists of weekly games for all skill levels. Following a great round of golf, all ladies are invited to join each other for dinner following their round while prizing for the evening is drawn.

Sr. League:  The CGCC Senior League runs every Wednesday morning at 9:00am and include monthly luncheons which are held the the 1st Wednesday of each month (see calendar for exact dates). The league is a non-competitive league for our senior members and invites participants of all skill levels to join in each week. Please sign up for each week in advance to allow us to schedule tee-times accordingly. 

Men's League:  Men's League runs every Wednesday afternoons starting at 2:00pm and includes 18 or 9 holes after 5:00pm of golf with cart. A league membership is required and can be purchased at a discounted member rate. The league is a non-competitive league which consists of weekly games for all skill levels. Following a great round of golf, all men are invited to join each other for dinner following their round while prizing for the evening is drawn.

Ladies’ Day:  Thursday is Ladies’ Day at the Canadian.  All female members are welcome to join in.  Eighteen hole golf starts at 9:30 am throughout the season (with occasional early starts - please consult the events calendar for more details). Those interested in nine holes are booked on the East Course at 11:00am which allows them to join everybody for lunch. We will have lots of new games for both groups.  Our mandate is good golf plus good fun for all. Please sign up each week in advance to allow us to schedule the tee-times accordingly.  Click Here to register

Members Night: Friday is members night at the Canadian! All members are welcome to join in for 9 Holes of golf on our East Course. Members night begins at 4:00pm and is based on a first come first serve basis for tee-times. Members night is non-competitive and open to members of all skill levels. Please sign up for each week in advance to allow us to schedule tee-times accordingly. 

Fun Events

Listed in order in which they occur. All events require that you sign up in advance and may require a handicap to participate. Juniors are welcome to participate in all members’ events except Senior events of course. 

Members Opening Cocktail event:  This is our official kick-off event and a great opportunity to socialize with other members. Our opening is in early May.

Canada Day Golf Tournament (open to public as well): This event is being held on Saturday July 1st and provides members the opportunity to participate in our 18 or 9 hole tournament at a special members pricing. Dinner only options available for those who do not wish to golf.

Tombstone Tournament (food & beverage component to be determined at a later date):  We like to end the season on the same pleasant note that we start it - hopefully a great day of golf followed by a delicious meal and the presentation of trophies and awards. The golf event is an alternate stroke, mixed, 18-hole tournament. It is scheduled to be played last Sunday of September.  Note: “no shows” will be charged for dinner unless appropriate cancellation time was given in advance.(There is a green fee charge applicable to play the West Course, in this event, if your membership is ‘restricted’.)  There is a trophy for the couple who are ` last to die`. At our end of the year banquet, we also recognize members who have scored a hole in one at the Canadian Golf & Country Club and the most improved golfers (the man and woman and junior with the greatest drop in their handicaps over a defined period).  In order to qualify,  the member must:  have had an established handicap as of September 30th of the previous year,  played a minimum of 10 games during the active season, and have entered all eligible games played into the handicap computer.

Trophy Events

Ladies' and Men's Match Play: The Club Ladies' & Men's Match Play is a multiple round event requiring a valid handicap. Trophies are awarded to each of the Men's and Ladies' Club Match Play Champions. The winner of the match advances and the loser moves to the consolation round. Any defeat after that eliminates you from the tournament. 

Earl Stimpson Competition:  This event is a mixed pair (1 male  and 1 female), alternate stroke, match play tournament. You may select your own partner. The winners of a match will advance to the next round. Teams are on their own to book their rounds by the indicated deadlines. All players require a valid handicap to compete in this event which runs over the course of the season. 

Ladies' and Men's Low Net Tournament: The Club Low Net Tournament is an 18 hole event requiring a valid handicap. You play your own game and your handicap is deducted from your total score at the end of the round to determine your net score. This is an event that anyone can win so why not you!  The Men's and ladies tournament is scheduled for June, followed by the Senior Mens & Women's (55+) in August.

Club Championships

Mens: Two Day 36 Hole Event on Saturday August 12 and Sunday August 13

Ladies: Two Day 36 Hole Event on Saturday August 12 and Sunday August 13

Juniors: Two Day 36 Hole Event on Saturday August 12 and Sunday August 13

Senior Mens & Ladies (55+): 18 Hole Event on Sunday September 10

Super Seniors Mens & Ladies (65+): Two 9 Hole Rounds on the East Course on Wednesday July 12  and Wednesday July 19

Valid handicaps are required and there are winners in the various flights. 

Off-Site Events

Ladies Interclub: This event involves various teams from the district which includes Hylands, Equinelle, Carleton Golf and Yacht, and the Canadian Golf and Country Club. Each club hosts one 18-hole round per year, using a Stableford scoring system. There will be qualifying rounds setup where 8 players will be selected to represent the club. Please see the event calendar for more details. 

Intersectional: This event involves various teams from qualified divisions competing against one another. Format for this event is individual match play against 3 other players (clubs) in your group. Points are awards for matches won. Categories to make the team (consisting of 8-12 players): Mens, Senior Mens, Ladies, Senior Ladies. Members must have a valid handicap and participate in 2/5 qualifying dates to be eligible to make the team. 

RCGA Rules of Golf

All golf events at the Canadian Golf and Country Club are conducted according to the RCGA Rules of Golf, as modified from time to time by Local Rules (which are located on the Members’ Board and the Handicap Book at the Computer.  General Conditions of Play are there as well). Summer Rules are in effect unless extreme conditions occur. For those interested, official rule books can be purchased via the Golf Canada website.  All participants in events have an obligation to themselves and to the field (other participants) to uphold these rules.  

Establishing your Handicap/Factor:  

In order to compete in and qualify for prizes at club events (and also to compete in outside events) it is essential to establish a valid "handicap". It is very easy to do. The Canadian Golf and Country Club maintains a computer-based handicapping system. Simply enter a minimum of 5 rounds to establish your handicap. It is expected that Canadian members will enter their score for every round played (as soon as possible) to ensure your handicap remains accurate. We also have a Handicap Committee to provide guidance on all matters relating to handicapping. There is a Handicap binder beside the computer as well as a brochure from Golf Canada which is available for all Members “All You Need to Know”.  It details the requirements and outlines your responsibilities as a golfer.  The system is only as fair as the golfers who use it and assumes that you will be honest, try to make the best possible score on every hole, and submit every acceptable score for peer review.

Members who choose not to maintain a handicap are of course, still welcome to play in our fun events but cannot be eligible to win any prizes or trophies that may be awarded.  (Handicaps for all events will be frozen as of the date the ‘draw’ is posted.)

Establishing a valid handicap means that players can compete fairly with others at comparable skill levels. We encourage everyone to participate in all our events. Understanding the system and establishing a valid handicap is particularly important for our junior members, many of whom are keenly interested in competitive play. You are encouraged to talk to the Captains or any member of the Handicap Committee if you have any questions.

Equitable Stroke Control (ESC):  ESC sets a maximum number of strokes that a player can post for handicap purposes on any hole depending on the player's course handicap.

What this does is make sure that your handicap does not swing wildly up or down due to an unusually good or bad round (You know! The one when you put seven consecutive balls into the same pond convinced that you could take that shortcut to the green!).  Check with your Captain or Handicap Committee if you are uncertain about how to apply Equitable Stroke Control and please refer to the Handicap Manual for instructions and examples.


9 OR LESS Course Handicap                       Maximum of 2 over par

10-19 Course Handicap                                 Maximum score of 7

20-29 Course Handicap                                 Maximum score of 8

30-39 Course Handicap                                 Maximum score of 9

40 and over Course Handicap                       Maximum score of 10

Scoring: Stroke play vs. Match:  When you sign up to play in any event, you will be given all the information you need on format and scoring. The following are commonly used scoring methods. Stroke (Medal) play: This requires counting the total number of strokes required to complete the round (that means counting them all....no mulligans allowed!) This is your gross score. To calculate your net score, (which is required for some events) simply deduct your handicap from your gross score.

Match Play: In match play, each individual hole is either won, lost or tied. The match is over when one player has won so many holes that even if their opponent won all the remaining holes, it would not be enough for them to catch up. For example, let's say that in a given match, Player A is up by 5 after 14 holes. Even if player B were to hit a hot streak and win the 15th, 16th, 17th and 18th holes, that would only reduce Player A's lead to 1 and A would win the match.

Hole-in-one Insurance:

When the day comes that you score a hole-in-one at the Canadian, you will want to celebrate by buying a drink for all of the members who are in the Clubhouse when you return from your round of golf. To offset this cost, Hole-in-one Insurance is available for $2 and can be purchased in the Proshop.  Once you have bought the drinks, retain your receipt and submit it to Danielle Seabrook along with your signed, dated and attested scorecard, for reimbursement.