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Tee It Forward

Why you should TEE IT FORWARD

The world's best players score well because they hit shorter clubs into the greens than you do. So why not join them -- TEE IT FORWARD from a distance more suited to your game, instead from a back tee box that just doesn't match up with your strengths and abilities.

Golf is a game that can certainly be a challenge, but we play it because it is fun, and it is certainly more fun when we are playing better, scoring better, and taking fewer swings to complete our round! The Tee It Forward initiative subscribes to the ideal that golf should be more fun for all levels of players, especially those who would benefit from a course that sets up a little shorter in distance. A 400 yard par 4 can be not just a challenge for some players, moreso it can be an exercise in frustration, as shorter-hitters take several shots to advance the ball toward the green and perhaps a few more around the green leading to scores like 7 or above. Not only can this be frustrating, but it can also be intimidating and embarrassing if that player is in a group with more accomplished players.

The solution? Play the 400 yard par 4 from a distance that matches your skill set. Imagine playing the same hole, but from 250 yards. A shorter hitter will be able to advance their ball onto the green in 2 or 3 shots and finish out with a score of 4 or 5. That is a game-changer, will definitely improve their enjoyment of the game, and will completed eliminate any feelings of intimidation or embarrassment. All of a sudden, the game is fun!

Our goal at The Canadian in embracing this initiative is to make the general public aware of the Tee It Forward program, and to encourage golfers and non-golfers to play our golf course from the tees that match their skill level. In doing so, we feel it will lead to more enjoyable rounds, more fun, and better scores!

Feedback from Players:
- 70% of players who “tee it forward” had more fun!
- 90% would encourage a friend to “tee it forward”
- 52% would play more often knowing they could “tee it forward”